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Simultaneous online translation

Add simultaneous translation to any type of online event. Webinars, congresses or meetings.

Mobile Booths

Our simultaneous translation booths meet the ISO 4043 standard, ensuring good acoustic isolation and an elegant, discreet design.

Advanced Digital Technology

Philips and Bosch systems up to 32 channels. Don’t put up with just any old system that is Bosch or Philips compatible, or with patched-together manufacturing systems of dubious technology. Demand professional electronics. Demand quality. Demand safety. Systems that meet the IEC 61603 standard on the regulation of infrared digital transmission of audio signals for language distribution. Systems that comply with environmental requirements and are cadmium- and asbestos-free. These are some of the standards that speak to quality, safety and professionalism.

Audio & Video

And, of course, we have audio and video equipment and conference microphones with a priority button and light ring indicator so you will always know who is speaking, mobile conference systems for guided visits, whether in your company, factory, outdoors or on a coach, and a wireless system so your guests can follow your explanations on wireless headphones.

Streaming services

Make your meeting or congress available anywhere in the world, with our high quality equipment.

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